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Do discolored, chipped or misaligned teeth keep you from showing your smile?

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Porcelain Veneers Can Correct and enhance your teeth for a perfect smile.

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Create Your Perfect Smile

Dental Veneers can cover many smile imperfections including chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth.

They are wafer-thin shells which are bonded to existing teeth giving a beautiful, white and natural appearance.

Our custom dental veneers can correct:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Cracked or worn teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Dr. Christopher Young, and the other skilled dentists at Young Family Dental can show you how Porcelain Veneers can create your perfect smile.

Our talented dentists can place Porcelain Veneers in as little as two visits to any Young Family Dental office. If you would like to learn more about porcelain veneers average cost and how they can enhance your smile, we welcome you to contact any of our Utah dental offices in Riverton, American Fork, Saratoga Springs, or Orem to schedule a personal consultation with any of our dentists.

Proper Porcelain Veneers is valuable for everyone’s health and well-being, and at Young Family Dental, we love taking care of our customers. Trust our 48 years of experience!

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Do Your Teeth Keep You From Smiling?

Young Family Dental Can Help!

Dental Veneers are like a makeover for your smile. Tired of chipped, stained or misshapen teeth? Need to fix a gap but don’t want to do braces, again?

Consider Porcelain Veneers to get the smile and whiteness you want. Put on your confident smile again!

Call Now And Get Your Smile Back!

  • “I … have been putting off dental work for 2 years. I finally had the work done today by Dr. Young. It was fast & painless! He & his assistant were very accommodating to my nervousness! Best dental experience I’ve ever had honestly. I highly recommend this practice!!”

  • “Had a great experience! Leah was awesome and really made me feel comfortable. Not as stressed about the next visit.”

  • “This team is great. They make sure to put in the time and effort to ensure that the job is done right. Orchid and London are so friendly and make sure that I am not in pain. The doctor makes sure to explain everything he is doing so I understand what I’m paying for and what needs to happen.”


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